Zodiac string with Tianhe Stone - Cancer -
Zodiac string with Tianhe Stone - Cancer -

Zodiac string with Tianhe Stone - Cancer -

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Personalized necklace made of natural Tianhe Stone (Amazon stone), glass pearls in turquoise, white and mini pearls. Each necklace is unique!

The closure is made of high quality stainless steel, so it will not rust.

Effect of Tianhe Stein:

The Amazon stone is valued for its balancing effect. It is credited with being able to dissolve unpleasant feelings such as conflict, disagreement, avarice and egoism. The effect of the Amazon stone even goes so far as to be able to give more joy and vitality.

Length: approx. 32-40 cm, 38-46 cm or approx. 42-50 cm
Material: Tianhe Stone, stainless steel and glass beads
Material tag: alloy

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