Zodiac sign scented candle with necklace and energy tip pendant - Tiger Eye
Zodiac sign scented candle with necklace and energy tip pendant - Tiger Eye

Zodiac sign scented candle with necklace and energy tip pendant - Tiger Eye

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Wonderful zodiac candle in a decorative metal box with dried flowers, natural stones, zodiac pearl and an energy tip pendant that you can wear as a necklace after lighting the candle (we add a collar to every candle!).

This beautiful self-poured scented candle made of 100% rapeseed coconut wax gives off a fine fragrance that you can choose yourself.

Thanks to the excellent quality of the wax used, the candles burn long and discreetly.

Our unusual candles are also very suitable as gifts for loved ones.

Each of our candles and candle shapes is hand-cast and is unique.

The fragrance can be freely selected, but can of course also be ordered odorless.

The color of the zodiac box is matched to the natural stones and flowers.

Tiger's eye should give courage, protection and security. It should refine the senses and give distance in case of ambiguities, thereby keeping the overview and helping in making important decisions. It should protect against influences such as stress, strain, doubts or changing moods through more balance. In this way, problems should also be solved with the help of the tiger's eye. Tiger's eye is also supposed to increase concentration, help with anxiety or depression and keep people down to earth.

Material candle Rapeseed and coconut wax
Material can metal
Content decoration Energy tip pendant, natural stones, dried flowers, plastic bead
Extra Collar with extension chain
Amount of wax approx. 73 ml

Please note:

- Burning candles must not be left unattended. Please never leave your candle unattended while lighting / burning down. Keep them out of the reach of children and animals.
-Keep away from inflammable objects.
-Never use a liquid for extinguishing.
-Never leave a burning candle unattended.
-Never move a burning candle.
-Do not touch, it can be hot.
-Use a heat-resistant saucer.

General product information:

Each candle is made from nature-friendly and biodegradable rapeseed coconut wax and soy wax.

All candles are handmade and are made to order.
I only use highly concentrated candle fragrance oils, wax colors and high-quality soy wax and rapeseed coconut wax.
Soy wax and rapeseed coconut wax contain no paraffin and burns practically soot-free and much cleaner.

Each candle is made by hand and is therefore unique. Therefore, there may of course be small deviations in appearance or color.

Cut off your wick a little so that your flame can burn down quietly and without flickering.

Disclaimer: Our products are not a substitute for medical or other professional help, treatment or support. Always consult a certified doctor if you have health problems.

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