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Press on nails in white with Penny Wise motif and balloon.

Everything is hand-painted!

The PRESS ON NAILS are made after your order, are reusable and can be attached extremely quickly. If applied correctly, the nail glue lasts approx. 1-3 weeks.

For each nail set we include a nail kit with 1 nail glue, 1 mini buffer, 1 disinfectant wipe and 1 wooden stick free of charge.

We are still bidding many other nail shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone! Each set is unique and is lovingly handcrafted by us.

We also make individual nails, for example, you can send us a picture of your dream nails. Just contact us.


Please measure your natural nails before ordering.

• Stick a piece of adhesive tape on the widest part of your nail and mark the side lines with a Pen. Remove the tape and stick it on a piece of paper. Now measure the distance with a ruler.

XXS = 3/7/6/7/0
XS = 2/6/5/6/9
S = 1/5/4 / 5/8
M = -1/4/3/4/7
L = -1/3/2/3/6

-1 = 19mm
1 = 18mm
2 = 16mm
3 = 15mm
4 = 14mm
5 = 13mm
6 = 12mm
7 = 11mm
8 = 10mm
9 = 9mm
0 = 8mm

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