To find out your exact sizes, you can either measure your nails or order a sample set. The trial set makes the whole thing easier for you, so you can effortlessly try on all nail sizes and look at your desired shape or length.

You can measure your natural nails with a ruler, adhesive tape and a pen.

1. First put a strip of tape across your nail

2. Press the tape into the side lines of your nails

3. Mark the side lines with a pen

4. Remove the tape from your nail, stick it on a piece of paper, and then measure the distance between the two side lines

Here you can order the trial set.

Size Chart:

XXS: 3/7/6/7/9

XS: 2/6/5/6/9

S: 2/5/4/5/8

M: 1/4/3/4/7

L: -1/3/2/3/6

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